rd cd face Well, my Droogies, here's for a limited unprecedented time only for you, pound cakes, songs of our new album for download!




1. Ne Ve Rew
2. Tinderstix and Russian River
3. Hale Ze
4. Come Baby Come
5. Its Tails
6. Gladiator Coin Toss
7. Clean Suit
8. That Was Pretty Together
9. All The Little Sperms
10. Felon Termed Safe
11. Not Coming Home
12. Border Collie
13. The Soul Tones

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Album will be released on Huevo Imaginary Records in February 2008. It will be your glass eye when it hurts you to look evermore. It will be your synthetic nose when the smells rise up and encroach. It will be your heart of stone, when you have to grinch it and say no! It will be your pen and vul when you tire of your cel. I be dedicated to you. We Is Shore Dedicated.
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