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2018 one more new record being recorded! title BEYOND A REASONABLE CLOUD>> follow on Spotify or Facebk for updates. gotta run :)

2017. RESIST trump and pence gop and also fascism. FREEDOM of SPEECH - hooray! Meanwhile we have a new record MARTY out in Febry! for more news go to yeah yeah our facebook page.

bandcamp album coming soon. itunes, spotify coming soon, February latest. below soundcloud will update soon.
old old updates for those that like to retro scroll
OX our album from 2016 is on bandcamp marty
featuring hits a plenty Animalia and Evolution of Marshmallow Man 2016 UPDATE! thanks for checking out our humble webpage. We miss geocities. We IS busy at work on the new record to be laid into magnetic dust this August in Brooklyn's Seaside Lounge with a bigger than ever cast of musicians! Excite! MARCH 21st 2015! Would you believe it , a hometown gig! Surprises! Will our bassist arrive in time from Japan? We don't know. Will the line-up be different than the last? Yessum! and Yessir! We will have a new singer gracing the stage. Who she is? Come and find out! But don't show up late - it's 8pm yahear
Awaken Cafe
JANUARY 13th 2015! BROOKLYN at MUCHMORE's Now this is a rare treat! This is an East Coast edition of WISD with Sam , Rob and Dmitry playing songs from the new record that we are also recording that week!


DECEMBER 4th 2014! We return LIVE at
Hemlock Taverna
Currently booking live shows in Bay Area! Check the FACEBOX for more info!
Previous performances include Hemlock Tavern, Bottom of the Hill, Make-Out Room, 50 Mason and Hotel Utah. See you soon! 4 songs from Smiley might you want VISIT OUR FACEBOOX? Is better than Facespace? Jess?

Smiley Songs sale of the record is HERE and NOW
LIVE SHOWS soon we'll be booking more!

We heave a 4th record of songs (11) recorded in NYC's Seaside Lounge studios. We had some excellent help this time from the unimmitable Rob Mitzner on drums and Glenn White on horns. This record will surely return us into the lemonlight.

5 songs from our last record posted at the 3rd Album Preview page!
this 3rd RECORD is now released on HUEVO IMAGINARY RECs

Our 3rd record titled RHINOceroses/Rabbit Noose is for sale here. MP3's for your brog or brag? Here!
Our 2nd record titled RAINBO DONUTS now is fully available for cowries at CDBABY

some free downloads are now for a very limited excruciating time on the2nd Album SONG PAGE

of course our eponymous debut is also available from 2007. Hear tracks on EPONYMOUS DEBUT it's for big bake sale at ca$h money big profit on
CDbaby - www.cdbaby.com/wisd.
Also on the megacorp eye blaze to iTunes for digi songs We Is Shore Dedicated
Update will soon. Enjoy. Feel Free to repost the links as long as you tell us where.

Huevo Records selling CD here

Better go listen fi_st

1st ALBUM SONGS 2007

or maybe here: http://www.myspace.com/weisshorededicated

STORY: 3 masters o_ pop get together under se_eral roo_s of untrustworthy material and create a story o_ my li_e. Sam Tsitrin (_rom the San _rancisco art-prog trio the Ebb and Flow), Dmitry Ishenko (prominent jazz bassist _rom NYC) and Christopher Cline as engineer and sometime drummer (_rom Scrabbel) 3 days later
WE IS SHORE DEDICATED is pronounced.

PHOTO: coming soon...

CON TACT: weis@huevorecords.com

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